Any person who is a major (18 Years) and interested in Numismatics is eligible for membership of the society. The managing committee shall however have full authority to accept or reject the applications for membership without giving any reason. The Managing committee has also the power to terminate the membership of any person whose conduct has been found not in keeping with the character and objectives of the society.

These are the following categories of members of the society:

  1. Individual Life Members.
  2. Patrons.
  3. Honorary Fellows.
  4. Institutional Member.
  5. Students.

Individual Life Membership:

The Life Membership fee for an individual member is Rs.2000/- and Foreign member (NRI) is US$ 100/- payable in advance. An Additional admission fee for Rs.50/- and US$ 1 is to be paid by all category members at the time of admission.


Any person who is interested in promoting Numismatic studies and who agrees to contribute Rs.1,00,000/- or more to the society’s fund shall become a patron if the proposal in accepted by the managing committee and on payment of the said amount.

Any person of eminence may be also accepted as patron by the member committee.

Honorary Fellows:

A person shall be elected as an honorary fellow of the society if he has attained an eminent position by his outstanding contribution in the field of Indian numismatics. Any Proposal for the honorary fellowship must be submitted to the managing committee in writing and such proposals must be adopted unanimously by the committee.

An honorary fellow shall be presented with a citation as a token of admiration for his services to the cause of Numismatics.

Institutional Members:

Institutions like Universities, Museum, Research Societies, Libraries, Numismatic clubs and other academic institutions shall be eligible to become institutional members of society.

The application for admission to institutional membership shall be made in the prescribed form of the society through the representative of the institution.

The Managing Committee may accept the application after scrutiny and enrol the applicant as an institutional member on receipt of the Life membership fees and the usual admission fee of Rs.50/-.

The institution member is entitled to send at least on duly accredited representative as delegate to the annual general body meeting of the society. He She will enjoy the same privilege as an individual member in all proceedings including voting. He she will not be entitled to be elected as an office bearer or as a member of the executive committee.


All students will be encouraged to participate in the activities of the society including the monthly meeting, Seminars and Exhibitions. However He She will not enjoy the same privilege as an individual Life member in all proceedings including voting. He, She will not be entitled to be elected as a member of the executive committee.

After becoming a major he can continue being a part of the society by becoming a Life Member paying the necessary membership fee of 2000/- and the usual admission fee of Rs.50/-.

Termination of Membership:

Any member whose conduct and activities are in the opinion of the Managing Committee detrimental or prejudicial to the interests, character, harmony or good order of the Society or its members may be removed from the membership of the Society by the Managing Committee. Any member against whom action is contemplated under the above Rule shall be given fair opportunity to explain his/her position.

Any member who is removed from the membership under the above Rule shall have the right to appeal to the Managing Committee, which may allow or deny re-admission.

Nothing herein contained shall debar the Managing Committee from re-admitting a member, whose membership has been terminated on his/her resignation from the Society, provided He, She applies for membership along with payment of a re-admission fee of Rs.1,000/-. However such a member whose membership is renewed cannot re-join the Managing Committee or participate in elections for the Managing Committee for the next five years from the date of his readmission.

Fresh Membership to nominee of a death Individual Life Member:

On death of an Individual Life Member a fresh membership will be given to his nominee as mentioned in his application at a subsidised rate of Rs.100. The Nominee will have to provide a copy of the death certificate, fill a fresh form with his her details and his her photo ID and address proof.



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