1. The Management of the society shall be vested in the Managing Committee consisting of :
    • One President
    • Two Vice Presidents
    • One Secretary
    • One Joint Secretary
    • One Treasurer and
    • Six Committee Members
  1. The Managing Committee is empowered to nominate extra committee members from the existing current list of members. All office bearers of the Managing Committee will be elected in the Annual General Body meeting.
  2. The office bearers shall hold office for two years or till the next Annual General Body meeting thereafter. They will however be eligible for re-election.
  3. A member who lost his membership of the society shall automatically cease to be a member of the Managing Committee. Such a member cannot re-join the Managing Committee whose membership is renewed thereafter for the next 5 years.
  4. The Managing committee shall meet at least once in three months.
  5. The quorum of the committee shall be five. In the absence of the President any one of the Vice Presidents shall preside over the meeting. In case the Vice presidents are also absent, the committee
  6. The managing committee shall have the powers to make, repeal and amend rules provided such amendments or modifications shall be ratified at the next Annual General Body Meeting.
  7. The decisions are to be by a majority of votes and in case of a tie, the president or whoever presides over the meeting shall have a casting vote.
  8. All office bearers of the society shall function purely on honorary basis.
  9. The managing committee shall have right to formulate or nominate members for constituting sub-committees for specific programmes



The president shall preside over all the meetings of the society including annual conference and guide its deliberations as per rules and regulations of the society.


2) Secretary

  •  The secretary is the Chief Executive of the society. He is responsible for the proper discharge and execution of the decisions of General Body and Managing Committee. He shall attend to all correspondence on behalf of the society and manage according to the rules and regulations laid down
  • He shall issue notices for the meetings stating the date, time and venue of the meeting with Agenda
  • He shall keep minutes of the proceedings of the General body and other meetings including the Managing Committee meetings.
  • He shall keep all records necessary showing the assets, stationary and other items deemed necessary.
  • He shall prepare the annual report about the working of the society showing its activities, progress, financial condition etc. The report shall be presented for the approval of the Managing Committee before presenting to the General Body.
  • The secretary shall prepare the Annual Budget at the beginning of the year and after approval of the Managing Committee the same must be presented at the General Body for approval.
  • The Secretary is authorised to incur all recurring and other expenses of the society and for this he is authorized to keep at a time not more than Rs.5000/-.

He will be in charge of the funds of the society and will operate the accounts of the society along with either the President/Vice President or the Secretary. He shall take all steps to collect membership fee from the members and other grants/donations etc. He shall take necessary steps to keep proper accounts and ensure that the money is spent according to the Budget to be presented at the Annual meeting and present the same to the Managing Committee before presenting to the Annual Meeting.

Election of Office Bearers

The election for the Managing Committee shall be held not later than 15th April of every Second year in the Annual General Body Meeting.


  1. All amounts received by the society shall be deposited in any scheduled/nationalized bank in the name of the society. All accounts will be operated by the treasurer along with President/ Vice president or the Secretary.
  2. The treasurer may incur expenses from the funds of the Society in consultation with the Secretary with the approval of the Managing Committee.



  1. The accounting year of the society shall be from 1st April to 31st march.
  2. The audited annual accounts must be submitted at the Annual General Body meeting.
  3. The general body shall nominate the auditor.
  4. The quorum of the annual general body meeting or extra general body meeting shall be Twenty Five (25). If at any meeting shall there be no quorum even after waiting for half an hour from the stipulated time, the meeting shall be adjourned to the same day & time at the same place next week.
  5. Monthly meeting of the society shall be held on 2nd Sundays of every English month at a time and place to be notified by the secretary.


  1. The Constitution/Bye-Laws may be altered or amended or repealed by a vote of not less than two thirds of the members present provided that previous notice for amendment / alteration is served to the members in advance.
  2. “No amendment to the memorandum, Rules and regulations will be made without the prior approval of Registrar of Societies.


Any suit by the society or in the name of the society shall be filed in the name of the secretary and decision on management of the suit shall be vested in the managing committee. The Managing committee shall have powers to meet the expenses of the suit. Enforcement of decree against the official named on behalf of the society shall not be executed against the property, movable or immovable or against the body of such person or office, but against the property of the society only.


Of upon the dissolution of the society there remains after meeting all its debts and liabilities ant property, including all assets, whatsoever the same shall be given or transferred to some institution or trusts having objects similar to that of the society, or to the Government



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