About Us

The strict meaning of Numismatics is defined as the scientific analysis of coinage throughout history. The word “Numismatics” is is derived from the Greek word “nomisma”, i.e. coin – Numismatic is the science of Coins, Currency, Medals and Tokens.

A coin collector is called Numismatist. Today coin collection is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world and next only to Vintage cars. Stamp collection is called king of hobbies. As one of the oldest and most popular world pastimes, coin collecting is now often referred to as the “King of Kings among Hobby”.Today investing in the right coins is also considered an investment option.

One many think that to collect coin is very difficult. But we handle coins every day for one thing or other. To start with, if a person just goes through the coins in his pocket, he will find many different coins and from this he can start his collection. From this he can go on expanding the collection.

But to find and learn about old coins one should know another collector or seller or a dealer. It is here the importance of a club or society plays its role. Through frequent monthly meeting, exhibitions, educative sessions, exchange and sale of coins, The Kerala Numismatic Society has succeededin spreading the message among enthusiasts that numismatics can be taken up as a serious hobby.

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